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Pueblo Indian History and Resources

Welcome to Pueblo Indian .com , a website covering the prehistory, and history of the Pueblo Indian civilization.  In addition to our historical overview, we have included modern-day Pueblo Indian resources and links sections, so that you may learn more about the Pueblo culture, and/or your own heritage.  

There are four tribes of Eastern Pueblo Indians, the Keres, the Tewa, Tiwa, and Towa, while the Western Pueblos are represented by two tribes, the Hopi,and the Zuni.

One of the main goals behind this website is to generate an interest in the Pueblo Indian culture, both in members of the Pueblo tribe, and an international audience.  Keeping history alive is important if we are to achieve a strong sense of self, and of community.

Measures have been taken by the New Mexico Commision on Indian Affairs to maintain a record of Pueblo legends by specially appointed Individuals who speak both English, and their respective languages.  This is in the hopes of making Pueblo legends and stories to the general population; we here at Pueblo Indian .com are taking this initiative further by asking you to discuss Pueblo history, and legends in our kiva, a discussion forum which is open to all.

We plan to add more information as it becomes available, and are open to corrections, suggestions, and content from our visitors.  Submissions must be information which is either in the public domain, or original material, which will be subjected to approval by our editors.

Whether you are doing a school project, or you're just interested in Pueblo Indian culture, we hope you'll enjoy our site and keep coming back for updates.




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